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A Magical Music Instrument

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Tape Music instrument inviting you into the magical world of sound design. With its one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper, is ready for immediate FUN. We’re using our creative skillsets and experiences as teachers, musicians, community partners, graphic and sound designers to craft something special. So whether you’ve been playing music for years, or are just starting your sonic journey, this device will quickly become your new favorite buddy.

Key Features
  • Fun & Inviting User Experience
  • Flexible Hardware DSP Platform with an Ever-Evolving Firmware Library
  • Quirky, One of a Kind, Stereo Sampling Engine
  • Sophisticated Tape-Style Looper
  • Powerful, yet Minimalistic Multi-FX
  • Plays Nice with Other Devices
  • Unique Screenless Workflow
  • Customizable Mechanical Keyboard, Encoder Knobs, & Enclosure Colors

4 modes of operation, providing maximum flexibility for all types of users. Similar to the way “levels” work in a video game, each mode contains a slightly different feature-set, progressively offering more layers of complexity as the player becomes increasingly familiar with the workflow. So the more you get to know, the more expansive your experience can be.

RGB LED's for Knob Position Indication
Multi-Page Parameter Controls w/ Smooth Endless Encoders
  • Mode:  always hungry for new sounds, and this signature mode features a unique sound design engine that jumpstarts your creative journey. mode is like a sound sketchpad where you can use the onboard microphone to capture sounds from your environment, or utilize the stereo line input to sample your favorite external sources.
  • JAMMI Mode: JAMMI mode can be viewed as the base of operations for  core functions. This engine plays a single sample chromatically up and down the piano style keyboard, and allows you to recall, jam, and layer presets – performing them chromatically into the looper. JAMMI mode is also how you access the instrument’s secondary shift functions and the menu.
  • CUBBI Mode: The CUBBI mode engine allows you to access 24 individual samples at the same time, each on a different key slot. CUBBI mode is especially useful for performing percussion samples and/or for resampling and storing loops.
  • MIDI Mode: MIDI mode allows you to swap the internal sampling engine for an external synth voice (via MIDI control). This mode disables control over the sampling engines, and passes audio from the stereo line input directly into the effects and looping engines. This retains  unique workflow while providing additional flexibility for external sound sources.

Customizable Aesthetics

We’ve put special care into sourcing quality materials for this instrument, but as artists we also find so much joy in the process of customizing our own devices and thought you might too. Adding that unique additional flair to an artists kit, can sometimes help form a special bond between an artist and their creative tools. So when we set out to design , we of course wanted to embrace this mindset as much as possible. Thus, virtually every aspect of  hardware can be customized until you feel like the vibes are just right 😉

  • Hot Swap MX Keyboard Switches & Keycaps
    The Hot-Swap Enabled Mechanical Keyboard allows users to customize not only the keycaps, but the switches too. Love a particular clickety-clack of your favorite switch? Or want to be continually swapping out your keycap color combos? Us too. We picked our favorites to come stock on all models (Authentic Cherry MX – Silent Reds). But the world is your oyster, so have fun with it!
  • Panel Enclosure Colorways
    For this first run,  comes in 2 colorways: Classic Black & Gold and Limited Edition Pink. But in the near future, we will be offering more limited edition panel colors and accessory kits for you to experiment with.

plays well with others…

Call us nostalgic, but we love the portable fun that came with our childhood music and gaming devices. Instruments like the Casio SK-1 were able to introduce entire generations to sound design, and created a friendly access point into this magical world.

Keeping this legacy in mind, we’ve designed  with friendship at the forefront… aiming to maximize portability and collaboration with all of your favorite devices! With a wide range of flexible connectivity options,  perfect companion for your next sonic adventure.

  • Micro SD card for managing your samples
  • USB-C for both Power & Midi
  • Built-In Microphone
  • 3.5mm Stereo Aux Input
  • 3.5mm Stereo Master Output
  • 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output
  • 3.5mm Midi In & Out

At the time of this Kickstarter launch,  USB-C powered only (which also works great with mobile power banks). However, we are currently working on a potential update that would allow users to easily upgrade their  with a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery in the near future. Our goal, as always, is to provide high quality materials and components to ensure a magical experience when playing . Please see the Risks & Challenges section for more details, and follow the Updates section throughout the Kickstarter for more up to date info as we move towards final production.


more than just a cool Sampler:

  •  built on the powerful Daisy platform (by Electro-Smith) unlocking easy firmware updates, and flexible programmability options.
  • Update  firmware using an easy-to-use web tool, with no extra software required. Just connect to your computer with a USB cable and you’re ready to go!
  • Utilize a growing library of alternate firmwares to upgrade your  with additional engines & features (Ex: Percussion Synth, Granular Sampling Engine, Simple FM Synth Voice, etc…)
  •  can be programmed with Pure Data, Max/MSP Gen~, Arduino and C++. In addition, we’ll be creating example programs and how-to guides to get developers up and running quickly.
  • With all of this support in place, we are anticipating a vibrant community of developers and users who are constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible!
Daisy Seed by Electro-Smith
Daisy Seed by Electro-Smith

One of a kind sampling workflow:

  • ≈ 6 hours of dynamic stereo sampling time (16 bit / 48kHz .WAV files)
  • Utilizes temporary recording buffers for non-destructive experimentation until you choose to store your samples
  • Built-in reset protocol: instrument boots up into Mode every time the power is cycled, encouraging endless exploration without fear of “making mistakes”
  • Capture samples with the on-board microphone, stereo line input, or resample the final output
  • Easily transfer your stored samples both to and from your computer using the micro SD card

Streamlined Sound Design Engine:

  • 7 voice polyphony
  • 14 slots to save/recall chromatic presets
  • 24 slots to save/perform resampled loops &/or one-shots
  • Sample playback speed & direction controls
  • Sample start & end point controls
  • Attack & Decay envelopes
Closeup of Chelsea playing CHOMPI: pressing buttons and turning and FX knob

Expandable & Powerful Multi-FX Engine:

  • Stereo lowpass highpass filter
  • Tape FX: saturation & stability
  • Magic Wand FX: granular reverb & delay
  • Additional effects planned for future release

Sophisticated Tape Style Looper:

  • Sound-On-Sound, stereo looper (w/ record decay control)
  • Iconic transport knob provides control over: loop playback speed / direction, manual tape scrubbing (when loop is paused), as well as other additional easter eggs to be discovered by advanced user


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